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Types of Casual Workers in South Africa

Casual workers hold different roles within the labour force. They can be skilled or unskilled workers, work limited hours on a permanent basis or work full-time hours over a specific time period.

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Knowing the different types of casual workers  is essential when managing casual workers in South Africa.

Types of Casual Workers in South Africa:

  1. Part-time Employees

Part-time employees are permanently employed by an organisation. However, they work fewer hours than full-time employees.

  • Busisiwe is a student who works at a retail store in a shopping mall over weekends. She works three days per week, while full-time employees work five days per week. Busisiwe has signed a permanent employment contract with the business, although she works limited hours.
  • Sara is a domestic worker who assists with the Tlou family’s housework. She works at the Tlou residence part-time for five half-days per week. Her cousin Bettina is a live-in domestic worker for another family. Bettina is considered a full-time employee while Sara is a part-time worker.

2. Temporary Employees

These casual workers are employed on a short-term basis. Temporary employees work for an employer when needed. These workers do not have job security and are not guaranteed future work with any employer.

  • Simphiwe is a day labourer without permanent employment. Every day, he stands at the side of the road with other job seekers and assists with odd jobs on offer. Today, Simphiwe is assisting with painting a garden wall. As a temporary worker, Simphiwe is not guaranteed more painting work tomorrow.

3. Fixed Term Employees

These casual workers are not permanently employed by an organisation. Fixed term employees work for an employer for a specific length of time or on a particular project. These casual workers frequently have a fixed term contract. These casual workers can be both skilled professionals or seasonal workers:

  • Hector is a skilled tiler. He has been independently contracted to retile a neighbour’s kitchen. Once this tiling project is completed, Hector is not guaranteed more tiling work from his neighbour. He will take on new tiling projects from other employers as they come along.
  • Natasha is a high school learner who works at a local restaurant over her summer holidays. She has signed a fixed term contract to work during the business’ busiest season from December to January. At the end of January, Natasha will return to school and no longer be employed by the restaurant.

Each type of casual worker is protected under different acts within our labour legislation.

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Employment agreements with casual workers can reflect any of the above employment statuses.



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